Since 2010, our team has developed over 5000 acres of farmland for commercial farmers in Nigeria. With our experience we are bringing the techniques of large scale farmer to the young and smallholder farmer.


Our Mission

Develop the most sustainable farming communities by deploying the most applicable mechanical and digital technology for Africa.

The process

  • Lease a farm site by yourself or in a group of up to 5 individuals in one of our communities that you can manage and cultivate.

  • Select the inputs and services for your farm site and pay your lease for the farming season.

  • SecureFarmer will provide your selected inputs and perform ploughing, harrow, and ridging on your farm site on credit if you need.

  • Plant your crop, monitor and maintain it until harvest time. We provide security to your farm when you aren’t there.

  • SecureFarmer will provide you with onsite and video training so you are prepared to cultivate one of our selected crops.

  • Download and subscribe to the mobile app, where you get up to date weather forecast, remote imagery of your farm, connect to labor suppliers and more to maximize how you manage your farm and your profits.

  • At harvest time, we handle all harvesting and sell the product at fair market value, we deduct our cost and distribute profits direct to you.